BKRA 2013 Golf Tournament

The second edition of the BKRA golf tournament is taking place on June 1st 2013.

View our letter of invitation.

Thank You BKRA!

Did you miss the charity game?

On behalf of BKRA, please donate online to the Children's Hospital Foundation.

BKRA Kids Give Back Campaign

This year we will introduce the BKRA “KIDS” GIVE BACK campaign during the charity event (Sunday April 7, Kirkland arena, 4-6pm).

We want to congratulate and recognize BK players who’s effort, time and support has made a difference in someone's life. A BK player who took on a challenge and saw it thru. It could have been something she did this year or in the past.

Each nominated story will be posted on our Facebook and our BK web site. They will also be asked to come on the ice before our charity game.

Read our first Give Back story from our very own BK player Sydney Lang (Novice C Rockets).

Annual BKRA Charity Game

Three years ago BKRA created the BKRA GIVES BACK campaign. It’s a very exciting and rewarding event where we give back to the less fortunate kids. It also reminds us how lucky we are that are children are healthy enough to be active and enjoying life to it’s fullest. Unfortunately as you know this can change in a flash. That’s why BKRA got involved in supporting the Montreal Children's’ Hospital. To help sick kids get back to doing what they know best, having fun and hanging out with friends and family.

Our first year in 2011 we raised $700 for the Rheumatology department helping kids with Juvenile Arthritis. Apart from raising the much needed money we also raised awareness.

* Approximately 294,000 children under the age of 18 are affected by paediatric arthritis and rheumatologic conditions.

* Juvenile arthritis is one of the most common childhood diseases in the United States.

In our second year BK joined The Founders of the new Children’s campaign and agreed to raise $10,000 in 5 to 7 years.

To our surprise, we raised $5,422. Amazing!! Our players and parents were very motivated to get involved and to GIVE BACK.

The children’s presented us with a very special BKRA shovel which is now placed on the Founders wall at the old and will be moved to the new Children’s Hospital. You can also find our own shovel from the hospital at the Kirkland arena in our showcase displaying the BK items.

Founders Wall at the children's

Here we are into our second year of this campaign and we hope to raise the remaining $4,578.

The date is Sunday April 7, 2013 from 4 to 6pm at Kirkland arena.

We are looking for volunteers to help organize this incredible event. We will also be accepting any items you may have for us to auction off or to use as raffle prizes. 100% of the proceeds is given to this campaign! Email me if you’d like to join us! It’s a FEEL GOOD event and it’s loads of fun!!!

Thanks for your time. Hope to hear from you soon,

Susan Vachon,
BKRA Fund Raising

Here’s the link to our online donation site supported and monitored by the children’s.

To all our BK parents

The cookie dough tubs were delivered to all managers. Most of the orders were correct but a few needed to be adjusted, not bad for sorting out 1400 tubs. I`d like to thank Ada Lee, Johane Mikhail, Lori Cook and Gyneth Edwards for giving a couple of hours of their time. VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

So that`s it for this year, 1400 tubs (worth OVER $21,000) delivered and now it`s time to start up your ovens and enjoy them with friends and family during the holiday season

A big thank you goes out to all our BK Managers who delivered the cash and orders, picked up the cases of cookie tubs and sorted them out.

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! We couldn't do these successful fund raising events without your time, effort and support.

Don't forget to thank your manager for all their hard work, they deserve a pat on the back (or a drink at our wine and cheese in january)!!

Skate with Santa

Skate with Santa poster

Cookie Dough Results

The 2012 BKRA cookie dough results are in:

1st Place - Ben A "Avalanche" sold 302 tubs, receive $240 prize plus $300 rewards, and have their Team picture on the front of the BKRA tournament brochure

2nd Place - Novice B1 "Rockets" sold 145 tubs and receive $100 prize plus $120 rewards

3rd Place - Ben B sold 135 tibs and receive $100 prize plus $120 rewards

4th Place - Atome C sold 128 tubs and receive $100 prize plus $120 rewards

In total, 15 BKRA teams participated in the campaign and sold a total of 1,424 tubs valued at $21,180.

BKRA will receive $6,266 profit from this sale, all of which will go to buy ice time and purchase equipment for teams. ALL BKRA girls will benefit from the results of this campaign!


Cookie Dough

Our first fundraising even has oficially started!!!

Players have until Sunday 4th November to take orders from friends, family and neighbours.

Forms MUST be handed in by Monday 5th November.

Orders will be delivered mid-December, in time for Christmas (delivery date to be confirmed).


  • 20 Tubs Sold = $20 Fairview Gift Card
  • 40 Tubs Sold = $40 Fairview Gift Card
  • 60 Tubs Sold = $60 Fairview Gift Card

Team Prizes

  • 1st PLACE: $250 cash + team photo on the cover of the BKRA 2013 Tournament Program Guide
  • 2nd PLACE: $100 cash
  • 3rd PLACE: $100 cash
  • 4th PLACE: $100 cash

NOTE: Teams are required to sell a minimum of 100 tubs to qualify for 1st place

Your team may decide to use the combined prizes as a fund raising activity to reduce your team budget, in which case cash will be given instead of gift cards.

E.g. If your team sells 300 tubs and comes in 2nd, 3rd or 4th, your team will get $400 towards your team budget (5 x 60 tubs = $300 + $100 prize money)

You can find a pdf of the order form here.

Cheese and Wine Evening

Our Annual Cheese & Wine Evening for parents will be held on Saturday 19th January 2013 at 7pm at Kirkland Arena, at the same time as the Tournament Dance.

More details will be available shortly.

BKRA Tournament Dance

Our Annual Tournament Dance will be held on Saturday 19th January 2013 at 7pm at Kirkland Arena Gym.

More details available.

BKRA Charity Game for the Montreal Children's Hospital

Our Annual Charity Game will be held March-April time.

More details will be available shortly.

BKRA Golf Tournament 2013

We are hoping to hold our second Golf Tournament in June 2013.

More details will be available shortly.

BKRA Golf Tournament 2012

The first annual BKRA Gold Tournament was held on Saturday 9th June 2012 at Golf Le Manitou, Mont Tremblant (www.golfmanitou.com).

The course is an executive course, with all holes being par 3s and 4s, and can be played in around 3.5 hours.

The event was a huge success thanks to our sponsors, organizers and players.

Almost 100 golfers registered for this beautiful day. There was not a cloud in the sky, no June bugs and the temperature was a perfect 26C! All players were ready to go at their assigned holes for our shot gun start at 11am.

We all met afterwards at the club house for drinks, prizes and a BBQ supper.

We hope to see all the same golfers next year and a lot of new ones.

For photos from the day click here.

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